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Well, after a week in the Loire valley wine tasting & visiting cathedrals & chateaux, its back home to London and straight into Barcamp London. 2 days of unconference, surrounded by nearly a hundred geek developers - thankfully being able to code wasn't an entry criteria, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten in. Event reports to follow.

Some background - The event has no agenda! Sounds like chaos. Strangely its not. Every attendee at Barcamp has to do a 30 minute presentation on a topic of their choosing [or lead a discussion]. The day's schedule gets built when people turn up and post the title of their talk. The attendees then simply elect which sessions to attend, with five sessions running simulataneously in separate rooms. Now I confess that the majority of the attendees are techies and many of the talks are geek focussed. However, in amongst it are some fascinating discussions.

A few interesting examples

- which is a website dedicated to monitoring what MPs are doing in Parliament

- Petukotcha, which is a style of presentation originated in Japan, which involves a strict 20 slides aired for 20 seconds per slide. Its pacey and full of energy created by the impetus of slides flicking over.

- The future of social networks. Contrasting views between those expressing views that there will be dominant embracing forums that host many niche interests like MySpace to an enormous fragmentation of forums.

Thankfully, I got an audience [it was looking shaky with one minute to go and only one other person in the room] and we talked about 2 things with the underlying theme of "Trust", namely

- Online services for the Corporate market.

- "In the Loop"

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