The "long tail" has regularly been cited by bloggers - the idea of the internet of opening up to very niche markets that the traditional media would find it hard to support.

Often the focus of comment is on the fact that the internet "enables" small markets with distributed constituents to become economically viable. I saw a company today who are focussing on the production and distribution of video content. Three guys are the brains, money and muscle behind the company and they only need several hundred subscribers to generate positive cashflow - that would have been unthinkable without the internet. Sure, they have to tackle many of the traditional issues like connecting with potential customers, finding revenues, producing quality content which remain BIG challenges BUT even venturing into a niche media space previously one would have faced huge barriers. Now, it feels so much easier.

Ok, so the content may be of varying quality but when you find the good it often more than makes up for the dross.

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