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I spend much of my time evaluating "great ideas", a small number of which generally are. This blog is going to simply be a record of the good and the bad as I come across them, as well as as pointers to insightful comment from those I meet (often just stumble across) in the "internet cloud".

As for the title - well, the thing about useful stuff is

a) it can become engrossing with the result that you look up only to find hours have slipped by without you even noticing.

b) you become passionate about that stuff and readily share your "joy" in the discovery by telling people about stuff that you've found useful and which they might find useful as well

c) its not useful to everyone, so get over it when they don't get as excited - not everyone has the same problems and hence don't all need the same solution as you! Its a pity some sales people don't get this, in that I think their solution is fine, just that it doesn't satisfy a need of mine. That said, always make people aware of stuff in the first place because they don't always tell you their needs upfront or necessarily even know them.

My favourite quote of the moment is Henry Ford's comment on listening to customers which went along the lines of "if I'd of listened to my customers, I'd have built a faster horse". Sometimes people don't know what they want or need until they see it - who'd have reported that they needed a Pot Noodle, but once they see it they immediately grasp the concept and embrace it. Some of the best technology has been created by folks anticipating or creating needs (despairing times for the Project Office looking for a Business Requirements document signed off by the user!).

Looking around the "cloud", there is astounding innovation going on - some of it pointless and destined to die, but other stuff will transform how we work, play and interact. Both kinds fascinate me, simply because its a new evolution going on right in front of me.

So when I find some of that stuff, I'll pop it up here.

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