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A couple of weeks ago I was in New York on business and took the opportunity to catch up with a couple of good friends who are Brits working in the City. One has been there for 6 months on secondment and the other has been living there for 10 years, but both have gotten to know the City quite well.

I didn't bother taking a laptop on the trip, knowing that any data or software applications I needed could be accessed via the web and decided to simply take my Blackberry.

I'd also deliberately diverted my phone before leaving the UK to my Spinvox voicemail account, thereby avoiding the obscene international charges from T-Mobile but still benefiting from the speech-to-text message from anyone calling me.

As a result I found that I was able to easily operate using just the following apps
Having tried a few IM clients on the Blackberry, I've found that EQO is the best to date, for several reasons
I was using Gizmo5 previously, but it didn't connect to Gtalk directly which was the initial reason I switched. Whilst it can connect to Gtalk contacts, you have to manually add each of them to your contacts list by entering their gmail addresses. It too offers Voip and Texting.

When travelling it's considerably cheaper to use the text messaging facility offered within EQO since this costs 5p to send a text, bypassing international texting charges.

Whilst email and text are near substitutes, I find having IM on your phone whilst wandering around is brilliant, particularly because of the presence indicator letting you know if a person is available. In this case, I was able to get suggestions and quick answers to questions as I wandered around, simply because I knew that the people I was asking were online. More importantly, I was able to co-ordinate meet-up plans with my two friends whilst on-the-move and based on where I was when they freed up from work.

EQO is available for free on a large range of phones including Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and LG.

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At 4:52 AM, Anonymous http://community.eqo.com/blog/jho said...

Thanks for the compliment John! We love hearing what are users think :)

We also just announced support for the Bold...happy IMing!



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