Techcrunch50 and Demo apps are disappointing

Jedn demo's adCenter to Michael Arrington of T...Image by natala007 via Flickr No doubt there were some excellent applications on show at the Techcrunch50 and Demo events this week, but having looked through the write-ups and checked out the websites [where available] of the companies presenting I found that couldn't get excited about any of them - they just weren't inspiring to me. I'd certainly love to be convinced otherwise and some "wonderfulness" pointed out.

Of course, it may be a "phase" I'm going through, but lately I'm finding far fewer apps that I think have either a "wow" factor or I can see a personal use for. Perhaps some of this is down to the me-too nature of some of the applications coming to market or perhaps it's the focus by many talented developers on iPhone / Twitter / Social network related work to the detriment of innovation elsewhere. Or have all the good ideas simply been done..........................

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