Google mobile maps adds public transport directions

For anyone with a Blackberry or newish mobile phone, Google's mobile maps application is an absolute must-have application and best of all it's free.

I'm regular travel around London to attend meetings and having a easily accessible "A-Z" on the phone courtesy of Google maps is invaluable. I'm fortunate to have a Blackberry model that has GPS, which means I can also locate exactly where I am relative to my destination directly on the map. If the GPS signal is not good enough to get a location fix or if your phone doesn't have GPS, Google maps can identify your approximate location using mobile phone cell data. The service can even provides directions for you to follow to get to your destination - perfect for walking or driving.

Until now Google maps has lacked one feature - public transport guidance explaining how to get between point A and B of the sort provided by the Transport for London [TfL] website. As a consequence, I either have to use Tfl mobile site which isn't bad or head off to the nearest tube station. In release 2.2.0, Google have addressed this and now provide public transport information for Greater London directly within Google Maps. Very easy to install and use.

Go for it.

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