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When the facts change, it's ok to change your opinion.

The BBC recently upped their advertised of their iPlayer on TV with the tagline "Making the unmissable, unmissable". I'd downloaded the player when it first was launched and neither the content available or the player itself was compelling to me. Yet when my wife asked me to check if a programme she'd missed was available, I was pleasantly surprised by what had happened to the service.

It's now possible to watch a streamed version of programmes within the browser as an alternate to downloading. Whilst a show can only be watched in the browser for up to 7 days after the programme aired, unlike the downloaded version which can be retained for 30 days, the immediacy of the streamed service is the killer. No more waiting around and then forgetting you've downloaded the programme, simply browse the catalogue and watch straight away.

I happened to stumble across this excellent programme on the Dead Sea Scrolls that I would have otherwise not spotted and only began watching because it was immediately available.

Worth tuning in again to the iPlayer service - a superior service has been resumed.


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