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Seeqpod is one of my favourite sites, providing an excellent music search service with an embedded audio and video player of tracks found. Moreover, if you are a registered user, you can create and store playlists.

Along similar lines is a site I stumbled on today called Songza, which describes itself as a music search engine and internet jukebox. The simplicity of the site is its essence, but it is both slick and stylish with a very neat user interface. The site has a built-in audio player which sits unobtrusively sits at the foot of the page.

Clicking on a search result, pops up a control allowing you to play, share, rate (quality of audio), add to playlist.

One surprise was that the link to "discography" took me into a google music search service (not a well advertised service) which brought back a raft of info on the artist. I'm surprised more people aren't using this service but perhaps I'm not alone in having been ignorant of its' existence.

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