Speed date with a web cam!

Ok. I guess efficiency is important when you have biological clock ticking, but my first reaction to the Mashable report on Speeddate was I should simply set up www.giftofsperm.com, an upsell business enabling the users of Speeddate to also exchange bodily fluids remotely after finding their perfect match.

The idea is that people can conduct their speed dates online via webcam, without having to go to the effort of reporting to a venue and trawling through a bunch of people in short sequential encounters.

SpeedDate is a community where you can hold speed dates via webcam during scheduled events through its service. You can also have a speed date any time you’re online with a person you’ve marked as someone you’re interested in.

SpeedDate will enable an online, webcam speed date when you’re both online. Additionally, if you decide to simply start speed dating on the fly, you’ll be matched for a date with another user that’s available, so you’d better be ready with your webcam when you click on “Start.” You can also chat during a speed date, in addition to talking on the webcam.

Apparently, users vote on their "dates" and you get a mutual attraction score, as well as being able to see how "hot" the other person is.

I guess for those people who prefer sitting on their webcams rather than going out and socialising with people in person, this is an ideal service. Moreover, it presumably avoids the embarrassing moment when you want to run away from the other person.

Better yet, you can actually carrying on watching episodes of Star Trek and Blake 7 from your sofa whilst "dating" - a reflection of what life after the wedding might be like.

Of course, a similar approach could be applied to the University Milk Round process - it would be a really quick way to screen a huge volume of candidates and from the comfort of your office, rather having to trawl round the country visiting Universities.

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At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Barbarossa said...

Actually speeddating via webcams has a lot of pitfalls.... I was too pushy on one of my webcam dates.... And got this from a girl http://www.webcam-list.com/blog/2007/10/photo-booth.html And a ban too :(


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