Court takes the scalp of Stubhub

According to Read/Write web

The now-EBay property StubHub has lost a battle in court and handing over the names of 13,000 of its users to the New England Patriots American football team. The suit was filed last November - two months before the acquisition of the site was announced, so it probably didn't go down like some of the YouTube suits.

It's never a good day when almost any website is forced to disclose the names of its users.

The Patriots alleged, and the court agreed, that all participants in auctions for game tickets between 2003 and 2007 violated company policy and state law. StubHub says that the majority of the names belonged to buyers, not sellers. Season ticket holders on the list of names may have their tickets cancelled and the team may hand the list over "to the authorities," the team told the Boston Globe, whose in-depth coverage is also worth a read.

Well, that should scare off some customers from online secondary markets - far safer to buy in cash from a tout standing outside the ground, where you can't be traced!


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