Concerns that 'in-person' social-networking could corrupt children

As you'll know, it important for investors to keep up with trends in consumer behaviours to inform their investment outlook. Thus, I was intrigued by this story on NewsBiscuit

A controversial new teenage social-networking trend is emerging across the country, causing alarm amongst parents and community leaders. Rather than using the safety of computers or mobile phones to talk to each other, young people have started meeting up in person to chat, listen to music, share photographs and even form relationships.

This dangerous new craze goes under many benign-sounding names including, ‘hooking up,’ ‘hanging out’ and ‘seeing my mates,’ making it difficult for parents to realise that their children are embarking on a risky pastime.

If borne out, this would mark a worrying development for all internet Social Networking sites and could result in dramatic falls in their current valuations. It may well be the reason why Facebook opened up its' community to adults who have lost the ability to have a real social life and hang out at the Amusement Arcade, as well as to developers who have a new reason to stay in coding.

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