A video is worth a 100 words + picture

One of the challenges with for sale ads in print is that it's sometimes hard to do justice to an item you are describing. Adding a photo helps but a flat 2 dimensional view still isn't quite there.

That's where online site have an obvious advantage i.e. ability to show video.

Yet few of them utilise this. This is why Hotswap, a recently launched used car site might do well. Aside from being a slick site, it allows sellers to post a video of their car. At last, a chance to see right round the car beforehand. It's such an obvious facility to provide. Admittedly it places a higher stress on the facilities of the site, but there is not exactly a shortage of video sharing sites looking for a raison d'etre.

Moreover, used cars sales is already proven in the online as ebay found to its surprise. Best of all, because they are a high value item, the site can generate reasonable fees.

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