Whosoff - the free company holiday/sick chart

Every company with a few employees or more has some sort of holiday chart to provide visibility about who's away when - sometimes these are big wall planner charts, or they can be online calendar systems.

If you are in a company with a corporate intranet, one of the first applications usually developed is a holiday request process that routes requests for authorisation plus an absence recording system.

Well, Whosoff has done exactly that but for free and on the web - site lives off ad revenues.

You enter your employee names, their holiday entitlement and any details of employees that may not be of concurrently. Identify who can authorise holidays for whom, and the system uses emails to route requests around, tracking the responses.

The site also enables sick days to be recorded and interestingly this information is transparent to most people it appears, thereby making it very evident who is always off on Monday am after a weekend away.

They've even incorporate national holiday calendars and departmental structures.

Neat idea.

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At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Phil Cross said...

Hi John

Thanks for taking the time to mention WhosOff on your blog.

We have been really surprised at the take up and popularity of the service.

Some of the biggest names in computing/web/media are users of WhosOff - which I guess is a reflection of its usefulness.

As was mentioned by someone before - WhosOff shows that you don't need to be based in Silicon valley or with millions in venture capital to get a project off the ground!

thanks again for the mention
Phil Cross

At 9:57 AM, Blogger chandra said...

Great pleasure in discovering this blog!
Sample Holiday Request Letter


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