Slideburner - A better slideaware?

Naturally, minutes after posting about SlideAware I stumbled across SlideBurner which has been nominated for Startup 2.0 which is a competition of European web 2.0 sites with 15 final nominees. There is an event in Madrid on May 10, where the nominees will be officially presented and 5 finalists will be selected by a jury and the crowd.

There's no installs with Slideburner and you can password protect your slides. You can also allow people to download your original presentation with the premium version. Whilst there doesn't appear to be an option to run your slides as a live remote presentation, this offering is more palatable than SlideAware was to me.

There's a 200mb storage limit on the free version.

Read/Write web has a write up on Startup 2.0 here

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At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Cédric said...

Dear John,

Thanks for your post.

We are always happy in getting feedback from our users.

I'm very interested by the idea of live remote presentation. Can you tell me a bit more about it, how you see it, so I'm sure to understand it correctly.
Maybe we can implement it in a future release of the platform.

You can contact me directly at cedric.michelet at or directly here in the comments :-)


At 6:20 PM, Anonymous unevilleunpoeme said...

Fine ideas!


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