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Read/Write Web is a blog I look forward to reading - good writing and interesting content. I was particularly interested in a post today on music discovery, having spent a chunk of the last few months reviewing the online music segment for a project we are involved with (correct - outside of our usual stomping grounds but for reasons that will become clear in due course)

The Music 2.0 Directory lists the following companies in this segment:

To these I would have added

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At 2:15 PM, Blogger The Filter said...

Hi John, thanks for blogging about The Filter.

The Filter is in the music2.0 directory, but under the 'plug-in' area.

What did you think of the software?

At 5:55 AM, Blogger RocketSurgeon said...

While I applaud Jason's effort here - I never really liked wikis all that much. I have created Rocketsurgeon's Music 2.0 Directory using blog tools . This approach has some benefits including category browsing, user comments, user ratings, and more. There are already over 200 entries in the directory. Check it out at:


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