Performancing has finally found a buyer

New York,NY — February 14th,2007 — SplashPress Media, owner of numerous sites including The Blog Herald, one of the oldest sites on the internet covering blogging news and new media, has announced it is acquiring the core assets of including the bloggers' community and Performancing Metrics.

SplashPress Media operates and owns 30 blogs, and a variety of other online web properties. SplashPress Media has been online as a hosting company and a support agency for publishers for a few years before launching several blogs and acquiring others.

At the end of 2006 Performancing made the big mistake of announcing they'd been sold prior to the buyer actually signing up. They even restructured the company and hived off assets in advance of the sale. Then they got publicly jilted. Oooops. So this deal seems a little like love on the rebound.


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At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Peter said...

On performancing: I saw two accounts that indicate the user database has either been sold or stolen...:


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