How to easily make a demo video for a web app

The iscrybe video was really impressive (still not had an invite to use it) and it struck me that most services should consider using a demo video to introduce their service.

Of course, that's easy to say, but how easy would it be to actually do without incurring lots of expense.

Prompted by an article in the Web Worker Daily, it looks like it might be as simple as this:
1. Use Snagit or something similar to capture your PC screen activities (Snagit has a free trial). If you need to edit your video, you can use a free online service like Cuts
2. You can then overlay an audio commentary using Dubit (sadly its a desktop app, but its free)
3. You can then pull the video into Viddler and add global or timed tags/comments. These tags are then usable in search and navigation. Hence, you could put timed tags in when covering specific features of your webapp to highlight specific content.
4. The Viddler video can be embedded in other web sites, with the option to start the video at specific timed points

Alternates to steps 3 & 4, are to upload the video to a service like or even Youtube and then add tags via a service like Veotag or Mojiti but this is more long winded, albeit Mojiti has some neat effects you can play with.

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