Unlimited free storage - too good to be true?

DivShare is a service that claims to offers FREE unlimited online file storage and sharing. This takes the online storage arms race to a new level amongst start-ups.

There are a number of firms operating in this space such as

Surprisingly the service can be used without registering although more features are available if you do. The service features:

  • Upoload unlimited files
  • Serve unlimited downloads
  • Files stay online forever!
  • No pop-up ads or spam
  • Incredibly fast, reliable servers
So, with no apparent revenue stream and yet unlimited storage cost exposure I question how long these folks can possibly survive. Whilst the bullets above are differentiators when viewed as a package, it's not clear why a large firm would choose to buy them - cheaper to replicate and use a strong brand instead. So in using them, you're left wondering
Not compelling is it? Sometimes if it looks to good to be true, maybe it is.

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