Another excellent Second Chance Tuesday event

Last night Glasshouse events ran another of their London networking events and once again it was excellent. Held at the Commonwealth Club, which was a much improved venue on last time, there was a good mix of people that had been selected from the applicant list.

Whilst some of the faces were familiar including Danny Bull of MyNeighbourhoods; Shivaun Farr of Foundem; Kieran O'Neill of Everwire; Tim Barker of Koral, many were new to me (company list here). This highlights the broader appeal of the event than some, albeit all of the entrepreneurs I spoke with were web/IT businesses of some description. Interestingly, many were unfamiliar with the other regular events in and around London. In case you are curious which events I am referring to check out my profile here.

I understand that there is a Second Chance Tuesday in New York next week - based on the London showing I'd happily recommend that New Yorkers should head along.

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At 9:54 AM, Blogger Tim said...

Hi John - it was good to finally meet up in person last night.

I'd agree, it was a great event. It was PACKED-OUT. There must have been over 200 people there. Reminded me of 1999 again....


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