Seth Godin's Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List on

Seth Godin's Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List on provides a clue as to who's hot and who's not in web2.0 traffic.

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2 online services that you may want to try for webconferences are vyew and powwownow . The first is the more advanced/developed of the two but I have experienced some issues with delegate firewalls on occasions. Both also link up to phone conferencing facilities - vyew is US based and Powwownow has international dial-in numbers including UK. Both of these are free services.

Whilst they are not in the same league as webex as yet, one has to remember the sizeable cost associated with it and similar services. If you want to be really swish, you can run the webconference alongside a userplane session!

One service I have yet to use but am likely to try is Instacoll which uses a different approach to webconferencing. Sadly you need a desktop install to operate because it embeds itself within Microsoft office and then you launch and collaborate within the docs themselves. Found it via skype developer zone .

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Anyone believe in Evolution?

3quarksdaily has this from the New York Times, which reports on a study that asked people in different countries whether they thought humans evolved from other animals. Interesting reading, particular when you take a moment to consider the factors and influences in particular countries that have led people to form their view with the resultant geographic differences.

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Pandora system tray utility

This is another useful feature for Pandora which runs the service as a system tray utility rather than keeping it as a browser window/tab. This is similar to the broader use facility of bubbles which "converts" your web apps and treats them like desktop apps such that you can alt-tab between them.

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PandomaX - About

PandomaX is an excellent demonstration of innovation at work. It provides a means of recording output from Pandora (an excellent online music experience) which Pandora itself does not offer due to its own licencing restrictions and also links the music heard with lastfm profiles. The service reminds users that they should delete the files after listening to them.

I've been using Pandora for about 5 months now (thanks Neil Martin for introducing me to the service) and am delighted with the content its serves up and how its expanded my music horizons to stuff I would have never otherwise come across. Sadly the service is only available for US listeners - you have to provide a US zip code when you register. Amusingly, the most popular zip code used on the service is Beverly Hills 90210!

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TEDTalks (audio, video)

TEDTalks (audio, video) - Here is the whole collection of the presentations that have been made available from TED to date, with more added over time. Most involve engaging speakers with something worth saying.

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Techcrunch reported on today

"The idea here is that you can access your web based desktop wherever you go; a browser, java, flash9 and your username and password will get you access to the following:
-Web IM, including chat with Jabber, Google and MSN buddies. (No Yahoo! or AIM yet, that's a shame.)
-1 GB of free storage.
-An inline MP3 player with playlist creation.
-An adress book.
-WYSIWYG web page editing.
-A blog publishing platform with support for tags, full or partial RSS feeds, 16 layout templates and the ability to edit the CSS.
-Email and search.

The company's business model will be based on selling storage beyond the 1GB that comes for free and selling subscriptions to a forthcoming enterprise version of the service. Sapotek says their company is based on the belief that IT should be a commodity, accessible to all regardless of socioeconomic circumstances. "

This is a further addition to the rapidly expanding list of resources available online for free that have the ability to replace many of the bloatware apps chewing up the harddrive today. Other great apps online include which provides an online wordprocessor, spreadsheet and powerpoint facility which interact with their microsoft equivalents. Whilst offering a narrower range of functionality, it probably satisfies the majority of users actual usage requirements - I know that I barely touch many of the features of Excel or Word.

My main concern about online apps - what happens when I'm offline? Ok, this is becoming a smaller period of the day, but nonetheless it happens so I actually contradict my own aspiration and want a synchronised local copy of my data and the ability to use it. A secondary concern is the care over my data - is my data being backed up so as to avoid the risk of my data being lost and what will happen if this service wants to shut down? I know, but won't name, one online photo hosting service in the UK that managed to lose all of its user's data - all that irreplaceable data gone. Like, I'd ever trust them again!

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Mark Evans :: Are Web 2.0 Start-Ups Smarter?

Mark Evans :: Are Web 2.0 Start-Ups Smarter?: "There was an article in the Financial Times (registration required) earlier this week about Web 2.0 start-ups were leaner and better managed - trodding out the usual suspects such as Flickr. I agree with the leaner part but not sure about better managed. After all, many Web 2.0 start-ups are run by technology people rather than professional managers with skills in administration, sales and marketing. If these start-ups have any hope of becoming businesses rather than cool Web services, they'll have to get good managers to make it happen. "
I absolutely endorse Mark's comment and it applies to technology companies generally.

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YouTube - Day of the Longtail

YouTube - Day of the Longtail: ""

I enjoyed this video which was prompted by Chris Anderson's book, the Long Tail. Worth a watch

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The faster way to tying your laces

Rocketboom - who says you can't improve on an established idea. A better way to tie your shoelaces! An inspiration to anyone who thinks you can't make it better than it is.

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Sir Ken Robinson on TED Talks

Sir Ken Robinson on TED Talks. This is a great talk - entertaining and thought provoking. The comments Sir Ken makes about the education system are almost startling in their observational simplicity and at the same time profoundly concerning.

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