Anagram for Blackberry

Anagram is a free app for the Blackberry which simplifies the creation of contacts and diary appointment from emails on your device. Similar to desktop apps like grabit, by highlighting the relevant text in an email, Anagram creates and populates the fields in a new record which you can elect to discard, edit/save.

As someone who uses a blackberry extensively, I'm familiar with the inconvenience of creating a record manually from email signatures and so immediately recognise the benefit Anagram offers.

In my tests, I found it gave mixed results, having most trouble distinguishing between titles, companies & addresses. Yet even where it did slip up, it normally grabbed the phone & email details accurately and hence had saved some time/effort.

Happy to recommend it.

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At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Gabriel Celibataire said...

Great coverage! Note that we’re at the end of the beta testing period and Anagram for BlackBerry 1.0 is coming out tonight.

Also, Anagram is great for appointments that were sent to you *without* a meeting request, like “Let’s meet tomorrow at 10:30 for about a half hour to talk about the new client”. Anagram puts that on your calendar instantly.


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