The Simple guide to "Word of Mouth" Marketing

The Media Guerilla blog explains the jargon on different types of marketing campaign, which some people abbreviate into "word of mouth"

Buzz Marketing
Using high-profile entertainment or news to get people to talk about your brand.

Viral Marketing
Creating entertaining or informative messages that are designed to be passed along in an exponential fashion, often electronically or by email.

Influencer Marketing
Identifying key communities and opinion leaders who are likely to talk about products and have the ability to influence the opinions of others.

Evangelist Marketing
Cultivating evangelists, advocates, or volunteers who are encouraged to take a leadership role in actively spreading the word on your behalf.

Grassroots Marketing
Organizing and motivating volunteers to engage in personal or local outreach.

Community Marketing
Forming or supporting niche communities that are likely to share interests in an industry or a brand.

Social Media Marketing
Using social tools to engage audiences online.

How many did Threshers coupon score on?

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