Viral Wine at Threshers

Little did they know that putting a pdf coupon on a Stormhoek web page for 40% of everything, would completely disrupt their entire business and created a bigger media wave than they've ever managed.

Threshers are the beneficiary of the marketing machine that is Stormhoek!

You may recall last week that my new chum, Alistair Morrell of Stormhoek, who accompanied me to the rugby had given me a shout to mention that Stormhoek had received a coupon from Threshers and they were intending to post it on the site. In the week since that call, the coupon has spread like wildfire. Friends have mentioned it to me who've never heard of blogs, but who've forwarded on an email they've received from other friends.

But today it went mainstream because it was on the National News & Radio with Alistair doing several appearances in person. Why - because the popularity of the coupon had crashed the Threshers web site and had caused huge queues at stores around the country, which was all caused by the "internet".

Now bear in mind that a) no money had been spent by Threshers in promoting this b) this offer only amounted to 7% extra discount on wines, albeit it was more generous on spirits & champagnes.

I bet Threshers takes the internet a bit more seriously hereafter, not to mention a good few other marketing directors.

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