Pub crawl Robert Scoble style

I've just left the 5hr pub crawl (still going) organised by Hugh Macloud for Robert Scoble. A fun afternoon which begin at Eros, Picadilly with 20 or so of us skipping the tourist sites for the interiors of public bars.

In the spirit of shyness & with the aid of my red & white trusty tour guide umbrella I led the crew onto the first stop (glassblowers arms, glasshouse st).

Special thanks go to Sam (techcrunchuk), Ivan (Snipperoo) & Hugh (gapingvoid) as well as Robert (Scoble) for some highly entertaining chats & fun.

We drank, laughed, discussed & mumbled - the way all Friday afternoons should be!

Thanks also to new friends (and old in the form of Tom Morris who has signed up to Crowdchant, an exciting new venture we're backing) to numerous to mention for their company & anecdotes.

The crawl will be immortalised in a scobleshow featuring a guided tour of Saville Row from Hugh.

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Here you go:


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