The sad demise of Techcrunch UK

I'm very sorry to see the news re TCUK tonight and I've posted to Mike's comments as follows:

"Mike, I agree with Ivan Pope. TCUK has been reporting for some weeks that it was trying to provide a forum for startups in the UK to promote themselves to investors (of which I am one)- “Money Mondays” was hardly secret. This was a fabulous idea designed to help startups find investor backing. The UK community via TCUK was endeavouring to remedy some of the endemic & systemic faults that impede us (Brits) replicating the Valley successes. Why would you seek to stifle this, when it enhances the brand’s significance? Moreover TCUK was one of the few brands with the credibility to organise such an event.

I too endorse the comments relating to the gutsy editorial opinions that we got to see on the TCUK site with Sam & Mike, something not always evident on the main site. Le Web was already being trashed on most blogs for a variety of failings, with even the BBC giving it poor reviews.

We have to respect its “your ball” and you can do as you choose with it, including take it home to the US. Sadly I think you may have made the lapse in judgement on this one but suspect its irretrievable now."

The comments on Mike's blog are very supportive of Sam & Mike's work on TCUK and the closure circumstances have drawn much criticism for Mike. Moreover, Mike Arrington is attracting much criticism of late from a variety of sources including Dave Winder and Jeff Jarvis.

My solution is to get a mashup of BBC Click Online & Dragons Den Programmes under BBC Worldwide to takeover this space. They provide a credible media brand that also supports tech and entrepreneurship!

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