Quintura - A search in the clouds

One of the pub crawl alumni was Yakov Sadchikov of Quintura. Now I confess when he tried to explain what their service did, I put it down as simply another search engine.

It wasn't until I tried it out today whilst going through business cards littered amongst various pockets that I realised that this is yet another innovative approach to search.

Type your search term in and as well as bringing you back a list of search result links, it displays a cloud formation of other popular terms related to that phrase/word. The proximity of words to the term you searched for and their size is indicative of their popularity.

The neat thing is that as you hover over words in the cloud formation, so the search results list dynamically filters to those links that also include that term. The number of results is similarly updated. But even better is that additional clouds appear around the additional word to allow you to filter further.

Yakov had mentioned that tool is especially good for identifying groups of keywords around a main search term.

As well as text results, image results can be selected.

In some respects Quintura reminder me of grokker but I felt it was simpler to use and interpret the results.

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