Personality test - scary

Just like my namesake, Fred Wilson, who I referred to in my last post, I collect internet bling [widgets & stuff] much of which is scattered about this blog.

I happened to see that he had added a "personality dna" on his blog so headed over to the provider site out of curiousity and took the test. Takes about 20 mins.

Some of the questions telegraph the associated implication and so you could manufacture yourself to be a "nice" person - assuming that this is a single state and an objective thing.

Well, my test results probably weren't that far off - my wife thought it was bang on apart from a few bits she strongly disputed, but she's never liked me ;-P

Am I going to publish the results page as they enable - nah, just draw your own conclusions OR....just spotted one of other site feature - "psych you / psych me". As it says

You can assess other people's personalities, and ask other people to assess yours. See how well you know your friends and how well they know you.

You can decide whether to share your opinions on them with him or her later, so assess anyone you want! Even better, if that person lets you see his or her results, you'll be able to compare your assessment with the person's actual results.

Now there's a party game, with interesting outcomes guaranteed! Relationship builder or breaker?

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