Barcamp London 06 - an update

Since I attended Barcamp London 06 in Sept, its astonishing how many alumni of the event I've been bumping into at other events. The chat normally involves saying how good the event was (well done Ian Forrestor and Ben Metcalfe), what we each did as a presentation and what we most enjoyed.

Anyway, I realised that I hadn't posted my presentation to the blog, so here goes, again courtesy of Slideshare.

Update: "In the Loop" is a concept and doesn't exist (yet!). The design concept for presenting the trusted recommendation data came about at a geekdinner, when I was chatting to Priya Prakash (now of Digital Well Bing Labs fame) and Gil Kahana. Its also worth mentioning that since presenting about In the Loop, I've seen micro versions of these with Trustedplaces and Crowdstorm.

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