October 06 Geek/Biz Networking Events to try

There's a few events coming up you may want to try

- Webwednesday at the alphabet bar, just off regent street. Wed 11th 1900h 61-63 Beak St. Fun monthly event attracting web entrepneurs

- City-zone on Thurs 12th 1800h

- NWK Beers & innovators "Aggregators & Upsetters" Tues 17th 1800h, an excellent forum of the great and the good

- Richmix , Wed 18th 1800h, as recommended by Techcrunch UK

- London Geek Dinner Friday 20th

- Werewolf night , following on from the brilliant Barcamp London & London Geek, Ian Forrestor (top bloke) is arranging an werewolf game night on Tue 31st 1900h.

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