A web 2.0 collaborative information management service for the enterprise A web 2.0 collaborative information management service for the enterprise. And so the unstoppable march of online "software as a service" businesses continue. provides

Knowledge Management
Secure Online File Storage & Versioning
Group Collaboration
Content Management & Broadcasting
Personal Information Management
Document & Digital Asset Management
Community Blogs & Group Systems
Intranets & Extranets Management

These features outstrip many existing content management solutions like Teamsite from Interwoven (albeit it has other roles too). But the big added bonus is avoiding the internal infrastructure headache of installing, configuring and maintaining these solutions.

As I writen many times, there is a challenge to address in pursuading many corporates to trust their data and processes to an externally hosted solution. Yet it is getting somewhat easier (relative term) because a) technologist are becoming familiar with these solutions b) business managers want to drive out IT costs and see subscription based online services as offering a viable route to this.

I've signed up for a trial, so I'll report back.

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At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Romasha said...

John, its true that SaaS offerings like might have to face hurdles because the enterprise do not want to trust externally hosted solutions.

Software as a Service providers like are in the Business of providing uninterrupted reliable services. SaaS vendors understand that security is of top priority and data must be backed up religiously. Skilled resources, network redundancies, stand-by power, up-to-date security and intrusion detection are mandatory for a provider. Their sole responsibility is for the accuracy, legality and reliability of all data.

I think enterprise information is probably more secure with Saas providers than what you might experience in an enterprise infrastructure.

Do let me know your feedback on after you've had the time to take a good look at it.



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