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Popego have tweaked an existing concept, namely that of trying to filter the noise from the web [blogs, twitter, flickr feeds, video] to hone it into a stream of things most likely to interest you. Their twist is to also apply your filters to help you find others with similar profiles.

A Techcrunch 50 finalist they are also showcasing at Le Web.

Popego automatically creates your interest profile by scanning your own digital output [blog, friendfeed, flickr, picasa, youtube......] and locating your most significant areas of interest via tags and keywords. This profile may then be finessed by increasing/decreasing the prominence of those items. Oddly, Popego only examines your shared items rather than your actual RSS subscriptions and I confess that I don't tend to use the share function.

The result of this is your own "interest feed" which serves up content that the service considers relevant to your interests.

Popego also consolidates all of your digital output for easing viewing by others and likewise allows you to view the consolidated profiles of others.

I am loathe to add to my current daily consumption of digital material but am attracted to smarter filtering of content [please filter out iPhone content!!!]. I have yet to find such a mechanism that I could overlay over Google Reader, which I am presently wedded to. Likewise I recognise it is easy to fall into a comfort zone of current sources of information rather than continually refreshing/replenishing useful sources of material.

Is this the product to satisfy that need? Sadly, I'm not convinced.

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At 3:26 PM, Blogger Emiliano Kargieman said...

Great review and very goodfeedback. Keep tuned, I know the Popego team is working on improving our filtering to cover your exact needs!



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