Squareclock - 3d space planning for free

I confess to being hopeless when it comes to visualising how interiors will look, be it after decoration, home improvements or with new furnishings. Hence, I've always been drawn to any store or service provider that can provide me with actual visual mock-ups of how things are expected to look, which thankfully encompasses an increasing number of stores. The fact the architect we used last year was an "old-timer" who insisted on hand drawn plans drove me nuts - changing anything on the plans involved considerable re-work rather than a simple drag'n'drop.

So, whilst it is not unique and is unlikely to be something the average consumer would use very often, Squareclock appeals to me, allowing anyone to "design" their house project for free in 3D inside their web browser and then furnish, decorate, arrange, transform it virtually with real products and services from professionals.

The service has obvious revenue potential - paid-for version of the service for designers and architects, who in turn can encourage interior furnishing companies to host their product ranges in the galleries, with the possibility down the line of Squareclock charging for "gallery space" or charging a commission on transactions perhaps placed via the site e.g. specifications could be issued and quotes received.

Meanwhile, for those considering home improvements [now that you can no longer sell your house or afford to move], this might be an ideal sketch pad to outline your ideas and create your own grand designs.
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