Singapore F1 Grand Prix - virtual circuit tour

USGP 2007 - Lewis Hamilton - Victory LapImage by ChrisMRichards via FlickrI'm not a Formula One fan but love Singapore having lived and worked out there many years ago. Sadly I've not been back there for over 12 years and much has changed in that time. That said, I was astonished to learn that a Grand Prix was to be run around the streets of Singapore. Whilst many roads are quite wide, I couldn't visualise how a course might have been devised to provide enough passing room, run-off space, adequate turning space as well as pits.

I remember in my youth, the streets of Birmingham [UK] were turned over to Formula 3000 and it caused immense disruption because of the safety barriers that had to be erected weeks before, with the result that side-roads became inaccessible from major routes. In Singapore, I could imagine enormous difficulties arising.

Well, the race is on Sunday and will be the first race run at night under floodlights [Singapore doesn't do things by half]. To help visualise the track, you can check out a 3d tour in Google Earth or in your browser here.

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At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Peter Hansson said...

MAssa hits the record in time trial but i think Hamiltons gonna take it home...go hamilton..cant wait to see it


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