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LinkedIn recently added a number of new features which I'm quite thankful for.

When they recently added a Facebook style "river of news" feature for network updates, it was very information but either you had to log in regularly to inspect updates or they passed you by. The subsequent RSS feed addition has removed the hit/miss nature of seeing updates. For instance, it alerted me to several people having moved jobs that I may otherwise have missed and allowed me to drop a "congrats" note to renew the acquaintance/conversation.

The network updates feature has also slipped in alerts when someone joins LinkedIn who is a contacts you've previously imported but not connected to. Given that I choose to connect only to existing LinkedIn users, rather than trying to invite/recruit new members to the service, these are a convenient prompt.

One feature that was introduced but I'm convinced isn't working or if it is, then it's only on a weekly update cycle is the Profiles View box. The purported statistics on how often your own profile has been viewed or featured in searches rarely changes e.g. mine said 57 views in last 5 days and 432 times in searches for 10 days running. No matter.

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