Avoiding the expense of Adobe Acrobat

Source: WikipediaDespite my best effort to only use online apps and preferably ones that permit collaboration, there are certain times when I need to send docs to the unenlightened - you know the type, if it isn't a MS Word document they get flustered.

However, rather than have someone meddle with the document content, you often want to send them a pdf version of the content. Well, if you resent the expense of Adobe Acrobat, there are an increasing number of freeware pdf printer applications you can use on your desktop such as doPDF. It installs as a printer device and can be selected within applications as the destination for printing but whose output is a pdf.

Alternatively, you could sign-up for a Scribd account which permits you to upload content, share it in pdf like form within a browser plus enable it to be downloaded into a pdf e.g. upload a word document and then send out a public or private link from within Scribd to enable someone to view it in read-only format or download the same document in pdf form and email it to them.

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