Free windows configuration utility for the less techy

The Windows logo used since 2006.Image via WikipediaI'm always a little nervous about messing with Windows registry entries, mindful that errors can easily screw up your PC and result in hours/days/weeks of misery trying to repair matters.

That said, I'm equally aware that numerous tweaks exist to improve how a PC operates, but access to modify them tends to be spread over many locations. Hence, Lifehacker's tip here on RegToy looks most useful.

Windows only: Free PC tweaking utility RegToy exposes all sorts of Windows settings that you'd normally have to dig into the registry to get to. Change the way Windows looks and behaves with RegToy, which is similar to the TweakUI PowerToy. It offers dozens of system-wide to user-specific settings

Lifehacker's report provides lots of screen shots to highlight its' capabilities.

I've just downloaded and installed it from here. I can also recommend "Glary Utilities", another free windows desktop application, for a number of worthwhile maintenance routines that it makes simple.

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