Not bad for a day's work

I was with the boss of a music artist management company today chatting about the live sector. He commented that the live sector success is actually slanted towards the high end acts and the summer festivals market. Many acts aren't seeing the same results trickle down to them.

The festivals are providing bumper pay-days for some acts. Oasis reported got £1m for headlining at the V festival whilst the 3rd on the bill got £300k. Headliners are typically getting between £500k-£1m payout for an appearance. Bearing in mind these aren't usually full shows, but short sets that an act plays, it's very attractive work.

It's noteworthy that many festival goers often sign-up/buy tickets well ahead of the line-ups being announced simply on the basis of the event e.g. O2 wireless festival, V Festival, Glastonbury.

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