Brands and artist in need

Need some TV exposure to pep up a brand ordinarily viewed with cynicism or ignored.

Or got an act falling into obscurity that needs to relaunch and get new album/tour off the ground.

Film or single launch perhaps that would benefit from primetime.

Then offer your services to the BBC to help their charity appeal night.

After watching a few hours of the BBC Children in Need fund raising show tonight, I lost count of the number of brands vying for airtime, amongst the acts giving careers a nudge (or a resurrection in a few cases).

It's in a great cause (a childrens charity I'm involved with has been a beneficiary in years past) and so its forgivable - indeed perhaps I'm mistakenly seeing commercial motives where there are an "unitended" byproduct.

Highlight of the night - Anna Lennox performing (and you thought I was going to say first outing of the Spice Girls)

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