Is operating legally? is a completely free community oriented website whose goal is to make sharing music simple. You can start listening to music right away by searching for an artist or a song and clicking on one of the result.

If you register to, you can save the playlist you create, share them, and even allow anyone to listen in realtime to what you are currently listening by publishing your spool url

Now, I'm not talking obscure artists/tracks here. This is current chart stuff that I can select and listen to free and in full. Given the furore about other online radio stations and the costs of broadcasts rights, I shall be staggered if this site is not shut down by the authorities/records companies soon, as I can't believe the record companies etc have either made an exception for them or come to an accommodation with them. And I'm not the only one to query this as their own user forums are full of comments from happy but puzzled users on these lines.

In common with many music sites, they pull artist data in from and you can also configure it to auto retrieve your own data.

You can also add your own music to make your creations publicly available using the easy-to-use SpoolPack.

Enjoy it whilst it lasts.

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