Who should you turn to for feedback on your ideas?

Seth Godlin writes an excellent blog and has a great post questioning which "type" of person you should ask for advice. He identifies four types of person:-

- One group likes everything. Tell someone an idea and she'll love it. This could be because she has such esteem for you, or it could be because it's easier than being critical.

- Another group hates everything. These folks have discovered that if you are harshly critical early on in a process, it means you won't be responsible for failure of the idea later.

- A third group eggs you on. These are the people who push you to make it sharper, more remarkable and, yes, riskier.

- The last group pushes you to tone it down. To go ahead, but carefully. To round off the edges.

It's so true


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At 10:12 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

I wrote quite a long response to this and when I tried to post it Google Servers had a hiccough and lost my post. Briefly I suggested that your post the other was relevant in that the group of 'sole entrepreneurs' would probably be beter off consulting themselves for feedback as they would regard outside advice as being the sort of thing that would result in the production of a camel when requested for a horse. I also pointed out that true change and advance does not really come from following sheep.


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