A trust network for events

Attendio is a free event-discovery service that conveniently delivers events of interest via the Web, mobile phones and calendar programs (e.g., Outlook 2007 or Google Calendar). Attendio continually adds relevant local events, invitations, reviews and recommendations from selected friends and expert “Recommenders.” Music lovers can automatically see when their favourite bands are playing or what concerts their jazz-authority friend recommends. Parents can quickly discover child-friendly activities. Never miss out on what’s going on around you again! Rather than making users browse around for events (who has time?), Attendio pushes the events to you from users with similar interests.

Still in beta and only serving the Bay Area in California at present, it looks remarkably like Upcoming.org which is a service from Yahoo I've been using for some time. Just like Upcoming, it allows you to link to people whose event recommendations you'd like to monitor e.g. friends or trend setters. This type of "trust network" is incredibly valuable - people you know/respect/trust providing early notice of things they are going to or recommending, and which you might otherwise not have spotted.

The main difference with this service is that you can filter the events to things you are interested in, rather than seeing everything your friends recommend - after all, we only share some interests.

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