Other interesting folk at Barcamp London

In no particular order here are some of the interesting people I've been chatting to (more will be added as I located their blogs, links etc).

Niqui Merret: a flash developer, she was kind enough to come and see me do my presentation. She is speaking at the next Brighton Geek Girl Dinner (in March). Details on her blog here.

Tom Reynolds: The first person I got chatting to when I arrived. A London Ambulanceman, who been working all of the previous night and had come straight to the event. His "adventures" as an Ambulanceman which he records on his blog, have been published under a creative commons licence in a book deal.

Neil Ford: A photographer, who I confess looked as though the camera was surgically attached to his face because everytime I looked across, he was taking pictures.

Andy Mitchell: I last met Andy at the Xmas Backstage Party and we had a great chat last night about his new venture Webcards. I intend to blog about these separately.

Caroline Mockett: Who is a talented photographer and a passionate rugby fan (Saracens fan).

Julian Harris who is presently at Conchango and his wife

Simon Liu who is the founder of Bitcartel Software, which focusses on softwarefor macs. Has done some interesting stuff with digitising comics and rip music.

Tom Hughes-Croucher, who works at Yahoo, who I met at the first Barcamp.

More to be added as I wade through the business cards.

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At 12:18 PM, Blogger Caz Mockett said...

Hi John,

It was great to meet you at BarCamp too, very interesting to get a non-geek's perspective on things as well.

I'm still lamenting the England loss last weekend - here's hoping we beat France on 11th!


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