T-mobile insurance works as all insurance should

I confess to being a crackberry user and have been guilty of many of the associated failings that are criticised by many, including using my blackberry during meetings.

So imagine my horror when the trackwheel on my 7290 stopped "clicking" at the weekend, rendering the device inoperable! I'd taken out insurance from T-mobile ("fone safe")and was ready for the trauma of insurance claim hell in order to get a replacement. But I confess, T-mobile lived up to their service promise (almost), namely
Sadly, they didn't have my current model (7290) in stock because it's been replaced by a later model (8700g), which was also out of stock - they'd had a run on the model. However, the store assistant advised that they could get either in the store for me within 24 hours.

So stocking issues aside, this is exactly how insurance should be - simple, efficient and customer centric.

Thanks to Steve Clayton of Microsoft (a fellow Lufbra alumni) for the cartoon tipoff


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