Marketclusters raises $3m

Venture Beat reports on Marketclusters fund raising.

Marketclusters, latest effort to filter blogs for corporate clients — It is the old lemming play. Monitor110, of New York, and TechDirt, of Belmont, Calif. (Silicon Valley) are doing versions of this, and have just raised capital to sign up clients. And so Marketclusters, of London, has raised $3 million from New Media Spark. It serves corporate and financial clients. Notably, it lists among its clients Silicon Valley venture firm Benchmark Capital, which happens to be an investor in Seeking Alpha, a company that aggregrates information from financial blogs, and so is somewhat related. Benchmark has been known to hedge (for example, investing in both online loan marketplace competitors, Zopa and Prosper).

Coincidentally I met met with their COO on Tuesday at Second Chance Tuesday being shadowed by New Media Sparks.


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At 11:39 PM, Anonymous noah kagan said...

Do corporations need another company to help them filter info?

At 4:31 PM, Blogger John Wilson said...

I think vertically targeted companies do have a role - they can be far more focussed on their customers and tune into to their particular needs to a greater extent.

At 3:57 PM, Blogger BabelCEO said...

There are a number of these filter services either in play or coming to market, which is fine if what you are looking for is generic news.

However if you need real insight, you need to be a little more cute and so we developed FeedMe in the UK.

Currently in a BETA and with a number of blue chip eraly adopters in the UK and USA, FeedMe takes unstructured data acquisition and analysis to a new level.

Not only is FeedMe an application for tagged aggregated content, but it is an acquirer of data through spidering and community input.

FeedMe goes deeper and wider to extract real corporate intelligence from the 70% of Internet content that is not even touched by mainstream search or filter solutions.

FeedMe is fast becoming a semantic web tool that aggregates its own data, analysis it and posts it for users to edit, amend and self tag which in turn drives more and more intelligence.

FeedMe learns from how users interact with it and trains itself to find more and more relevant content.

Take a look at the blog

Rob Steele - CEO


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