How To Ace A Performance Review - to old friends who remain wage slaves

Having only been an employee forf 2 brief stints of my entire working like - for several years as a trainee chartered accountant after leaving university and for a couple of years on the Board at Man Financial (world's largest non-banking derivatives broker); I've never really gotten into the performance review gaming process. When I was a partner in a capital markets consultancy actual discussions of performance of colleagues was left to one of my fellow partners whom the Partners considered the most human & compassionate amongst us - personality test you can game, whereas people are harder ;-)

Anyway, for my old chums at former clients whom I remain great mates with because of their patience with my non-conformist attitude, as now verified by a personality dna, I'm pleased to direct them to the following tip sheet about how to prepare for performance reviews. NO warranties offered on the advice given.

The sad thing is that gaming of such systems is so counterproductive to the overall economic well being of the company, but is rationale for individual workers nonetheless.

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