Dumb newsletter prize awarded to Trackmypeople

If you ever want to test your mass-email facilities, perhaps you should think about setting up a set of test email accounts rather than using your live client list.

I just received this from Trackmypeople.com which is a timesheet service,

Subject :

[TESTING] This is a newsletter test

Hi John Wilson,

We would like to inform you blablabla :

Cool huh!?

Not really - it makes me think you aren't very clever.

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At 5:59 PM, Anonymous TrackMyPeople Support said...

This is the email we sent out the next day. You could post a follow-up post on that.

Dear John Wilson,

First of all we want to apologize incase you received some test/crap emails today. We accidently sent out multiple email batches using a live database, a stupid mistake. We are quite confident this will not happen again any time soon (untill we run out of coffee)...

So why are we sending out this email ?

As we are slowly moving to a more stable time tracking system we noticed alot of 'inactive' accounts. We are quite sure some of you have given up after bumping into some serious issues (timezone, time tracking, incompatibility). Now the good news is we fixed most of these issues. To give you an idea what we have been up to lately :

* improved timezone support : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/multiple-cultures-timezones
* integrated calendar with day/week/month view : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/better-calendar-updated-personal-profile
* export to excel : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/new-feature-excel-export
* advanced charts/reports (with custom date range) : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/user-project-reports
* better tabular data & custom filters : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/improved-timesheet-tabular-view
* MacOS Support : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/time-tracking-widget-for-macos-windows
* Improved Gnome/Linux widget : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/improved-linux-gnome-applet
* New & Improved Windows Widget : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/improved-widget-for-windows-mac
* Easier User Management : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/create-a-new-user-as-company-owner
* A timesheet manager : http://www.trackmypeople.com/blog/easy-time-entry
* Public API
* Alot of bugfixes & improvements

We are constantly trying to improve this free, time tracking service. A brief summary of our current todo list :

* Better date/time formatting
* Improved edit/update timeblocks
* More & Better reports
* Documentation (API, FAQ, ...)
* Enhance Inline Time Punching Clock
* Improve Support (bugtracker, email, ...)

Login to your account (http://www.trackmypeople.com/login) and try out the system. You can track your time from your desktop using one of our client side widgets (for mac, windows & linux/gnome) on the download page (http://www.trackmypeople.com/download).

If you need help, just drop us a mail at support@trackmypeople.com

Kind regards,
The TrackMyPeople Team

If you do not want to receive these emails, reply using 'unsubscribe' in the subject, or login to your account and uncheck the 'newsletter' option (general settings)


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