Finetune is broken

I often make use of Finetune's station to provide background music in the evening - it provides an excellent and large choice of genres as part of its' free music streaming service.

Sadly, in the last 24 hours something has gone awry - the Adobe Flash player it uses no longer loads up any content. The player controls are visible but no music regardless of which area of the site I use. I've not applied any PC upgrades but am encountering the same issue in both IE7 and Firefox 2. Doing a quick google blog search for similar reported probs has only thrown up one other post but no answers or suggestions. Anybody any ideas?

UPDATE : 24 hours later it is working again. The PC had been turned off in standby mode since I last tried so I know nothing was updated/changed on the PC in between checking Finetune. Who knows what caused or resolved it but I'm glad it's back.

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