Salesforce creates a data protection nightmare

Techcrunch is reporting that tomorrow Salesforce will launch a new service called Salesforce to Salesforce (S2S) that facilitates the sharing of data between companies that use Salesforce’s software as a service (SaaS).

I'm less familiar with USA data protection provisions, but here in the UK you'd be best to start off with the assumption that companies using this would be committing a breach of the Data Protection Act unless clients have specifically permitted the sharing of their data with a third party.

This won't be a Salesforce problem, only an issue for the companies sharing their data. Moreover, whilst they may be permitted to share some info, you can bet it will be easy to inadvertantly share too much.

Best to follow the line in the original Star Wars movie when the heroes found themselves being crushed in a garbage device. Uncertain of which device to shutdown, Luke Skywalker told the robots to shut them all down.


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