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Deacon Blue
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I had such a fantastic evening last night. It was the last night of Deacon Blue's 2007 tour and a group of four of us went as guest of Jim, the keyboard player. They have been one of my favourite bands ever since University days, and I have many great memories of them.

One summer I went backpacking around America and had the great fortune to see them perform in a small bar in Washington DC on their first US tour. A group of five brits from the youth hostel joined me at the gig, which was awesome show, after which we had some beer with the band. We were given a US tour t-shirt, which I still have and wear every time I go to see them.

Since then, I've seen them many times but last night was really special. Playing at Hammersmith, which is my local venue, they did a fabulous set to a three-quarter full house, who received them with rapturous applause and sang throughout - I was without a voice this morning (much to the delight of many).

After the show, the four of us went backstage to have drinks with the band, which was great fun. The band spotted the t-shirt and I chatted with Jim about that night in Washington (he politely pretended to remember). To cap it off, I got to take home a live recording of the gig, courtesy of Concert Live which I have been listening to in the office all day today.

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