Was God an IT Contractor in disguise

You'll recall that God made the World in 7 days [definitely on a fixed price contract, rather than daily rate]. Well he evidently was an IT contractor or very similar in nature, as it turns out he/she/it knocked another one out 20 light years away according to recent reports.

Few modifications between the two versions, but looks like the same handiwork. What points to God being an IT contractor is that there is far enough space between the two for the copying code trick not to be easily detected and legal action started relating to IP ownerships issues until the coast [should that be universe] was clear.

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At 9:05 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

Now I thought that the whole ethos of modern development was to create code in such a way that it was reusable. Surely all we are saying is that the Prime Developer was an Object Oriented Programmer?


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